Metro Physical & Aquatic Therapy Addressing Senior Living Communities’ Needs to Reduce the Number of Providers Entering Their Facilities

GARDEN CITY, NY-  Metro Physical & Aquatic Therapy (“Metro Physical Therapy”), a leading provider of comprehensive therapy and wellness services with locations across Long Island and in Florida, is providing a sound solution to senior living communities’ current goal of limiting the number of healthcare providers entering their facilities. Given all of the pandemic-related uncertainties and risks posed to residents of assisted living communities, nursing homes, and memory care facilities, administrators have been taking every precaution to protect their residents. By giving them the option to have one provider such as Metro Physical Therapy offering both Part A and Part B homecare services, these senior living communities can significantly reduce their exposure.

“These are extremely challenging times for everyone, but especially for those charged with caring for and protecting the lives of those most vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus among which seniors clearly are,” stated Metro Physical Therapy CEO Michael Mayrsohn, DPT, OCS.  Through a partnership we have established with Certified Home Health Agencies, we are able to significantly reduce the number of providers entering communities and the associated risks, including potential contamination from workers traveling to and from many different locations.”

Mayrsohn also noted that within this model of care, Metro Physical Therapy can place clinicians that are exclusive to a community, offering yet another layer of protection. He continued, “We can assure the continuity of care in transitioning services from Part A to Part B, optimize long-term treatment planning for reduced hospitalizations, and efficiently align treatment philosophies and plans between nursing and physical therapy. It’s a much more effective model of care on multiple fronts.” Mayrsohn added that under certain circumstances, Metro Physical Therapy also can assist patients whose insurance is not taken by other providers.”

To discuss your senior living facility’s needs relating to residents’ physical therapy and Metro Physical Therapy’s single-provider service, contact: Michael Mayrsohn, DPT, OCS at: 516-745-8050 or email: