Keynote Speaker Virtual Event: Amplify Your G.R.I.T. And Resilience – Meridith Alexander

How can we leaders emerge from times of challenge as even better versions of ourselves? How do we nurture and amplify the greatness, resilience and impact within our teams? This keynote explores how learning to master 3 of the critical components of G.R.I.T. can transform your biggest obstacles into unforeseen opportunities even in the face of change and unpredictability.

Key Learning Points

  • Discover the keys to creating a mindset that thrives in the midst of change and unpredictability
  • Learn new techniques for setting powerful goals, tapping into overlooked possibilities and performing at your highest level
  • Pull back the curtain on the “blind spot thinking” that prevents most people from transforming the “impossible” into the “I’m Possible”
  • Understand how the hidden language of your inner narrative can be the catalyst for consistent success


December 16, 2020


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


  • Meridith Alexander
    Meridith Alexander
    Bestselling Author / Mindset Expert / Motivational Speaker / Transformational Coach / Powerhouse Quantumpreneur

    Meridith Alexander is a best-selling author, high level coach, expert in mindset and a powerhouse. She has shared the stage with some of the greatest names in personal and professional development. Meridith believes that absolutely everything that you need in order to succeed and to thrive is already inside you. You simply need to learn how to master it. Master your mindset and results that can seem even “magical” will follow. Could you use a little bit of that magic in your life right now? Better yet, what if it’s not magic?

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