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Keynote Speaker Virtual Event: The Art and Heart of Storytelling- Mikki Wiliams

Come and learn how to be a master storyteller! Polish your presentation skills in the process and be regarded as THE confident leader to follow. Life and business happen in the narratives, and stories can go where data can’t. People act, buy and follow when you wrap your vision in a story that sparks the imagination and stirs the soul.


July 30, 2020


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


  • Mikki Williams
    Mikki Williams
    CSP, Hall of Fame Speaker and TEDx speaker

    Mikki Williams, Hall of Fame Speaker, inspirational humorist and TEDx speaker was chosen as one of the best speakers in the country by Meetings and Convention Magazine along with Tony Robbins, Bill Gates and Jay Leno. She delivers YOU-nique life and business changing presentations in her inimitable outrageous style, while trying to save the world “one sequin” at a time”.

    Featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, named a top executive speech coach in Forbes and one of the Outstanding Women of the Decade by the United Nations, ABC did a television documentary about her life.

    An award-winning speaker for Vistage International, the world’s leading executive organization and Master Chair of two of their peer advisory boards in Chicago, she is a global celebrity speaker, transformational storyteller and sought after executive speech coach. Based in Naples, Florida and Chicago, she is the creator of Speakers School, Keynote Kamp and The Mikki Mouth Club. Mikki has spoken in every US state, every Canadian province and every continent except Antarctica… where she can’t wear her stiletto’s!

2 thoughts on “Keynote Speaker Virtual Event: The Art and Heart of Storytelling- Mikki Wiliams”

  1. Pamela Hammond says:

    Enjoyed presentation. I have upcoming, important interviews and will use your tips when it is my turn to speak. I am selling myself….excited to share my stories.

    1. Rosemarie Tibball says:

      Thank you Pamela! We will share your feedback with Mikki 🙂

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