Keynote Speaker Virtual Event: Better Than Normal – 5 Ways Senior Living Communities Will Thrive in A Post-Coronavirus World – Adriane Berg

Coronavirus concerns have significantly impacted Senior Living Communities. Yet, we know from past challenges that the direction we will go is not dictated by the path of the storm, but by the course of the sail we set. It is possible to set sail to emerge Better than Normal from this pandemic. In this presentation, attendees will encounter 5 elements of senior living that can improve in the wake of the pandemic. It has been a rule of leadership to “never let a crisis go to waste.” We have learned much from this Coronavirus episode, a great deal of which is optimistic and unexpected.


  1. Geroscience has advanced in compressed time because of COVID-19. Discover what we now know about aging, and how it will affect Senior Living going forward.
  2. Because of sequestration, the use by elders of technology in daily life has skyrocketed. Discover the latest in devices, telehealth, AI, and robotics for Senior Living.
  3. Attitude toward aging has changed for better and for worse. In just a few months, seniors have been given the label “vulnerable population,” and they have fought against it. Discover how Senior Living Communities can fight ageism after COVID, and why it is good business to do so.
  4. Virtual learning is the fastest growing area of staff training. Discover what this will mean to employee recruitment and competency.
  5. Loneliness is the new smoking when it comes to healthcare culprits. Discover what it takes to motivate residents to engage …the most surprising and uplifting by-product of this crisis.


August 27, 2020


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


  • Adriane Berg
    Adriane Berg

    Adriane Berg is an Emmy-winning broadcaster, world-wide presenter, and consultant to leading companies seeking the boomer, caregiver, and senior markets.
    “Ms. Berg delivers excellent one-hour speeches to the groups on aging and design, emphasizing aging and dignity through design technology. Her sessions are funny and very in depth, without being dull. Everyone takes away lots of immediately useful information.” Fran Meyers OSHER Life Long Learning
    Adriane gives your audience actionable, exciting takeaways that change their attitude toward aging. Gynnar Baldwin Toto Design
    “Thank you for your great work–The conference really was successful from all of the feedback I received” MARY MALLOY, HOTEC Conference
    Adriane is the popular blogger of Aging for Beginners, published by Bottom Line Personal. She is a New York Times Age Boom Fellow. Her many awards include an Emmy as host of IRS Tax Beat CNNFn; Mature Market Gold Award Winner for her Podcast Generation Bold: The Fountain of Truth About Aging, several National Librarian’s Awards, a 5-year Facilitator Acknowledgement for her work with children at Good Grief, and the appointment to the US Committee on Financial Education. Adriane is author of 13 books including The Retirement Income Explosion: Have More, Send Less, Live Better (Pub2020), and blogger of How Not to . Her blog Aging for Beginners, appears at Bottom Line Personal.
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