Keynote Speaker Virtual Event: The Vital Choice – The Ownership vs the Victim Mindset in a Time of Crisis – Todd Musselman

One of the primary determinants of performance is an individual’s mindset.  In working with thousands of individuals, it’s been our experience that people operate in one of two distinct mindsets: either the victim mindset or the ownership mindset.  The results we create from each state are vastly different. Whether you are a business owner, CEO, sales professional, manager, employee, volunteer, performer, spouse, parent, or student, the mindset you choose in any given situation literally shapes your life and those with whom you are connected.  Please join us in exploring how you can create powerful results through the choices you make… choice at a time.


July 16, 2020


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


  • Todd Musselman
    Todd Musselman
    Founder | Leadership Trainer | Motivational Speaker | Executive Coach

    Todd is a powerful and effective leader who combines his background as a business owner, sales representative, and professional musician to produce strong, measurable results in the fields of motivational speaking, leadership training, and executive coaching. He relies on his creative blend of music, personal life stories, and honest humor to provide an inspiring and lasting experience for all of his audiences. Using his musical gifts as an accomplished singer/songwriter, Todd finds unique ways to connect to others in order to embolden and challenge them. Todd produces powerful results for both individuals and management teams.

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