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Keynote Speaker Virtual Event: Present Company – Cultivating Cultures of High Performance in Teams and Organizations – Timothy Dukes & Michael Landers

Being present is more than just a trendy catchphrase. In Present Company, Timothy Dukes and Michael Landers reveal how the art of presence can serve as a conduit to high performance through enhancing creativity, productivity, and engagement.

As a transformative resource, Tim and Michael explore the Four Powers of Presence—Induction, Awareness, Authenticity, and Connection—the key to cultivating cultures of high performance in teams and organizations. Through Induction, you’ll learn how to enter a moment with the right mindset. With Awareness, your mind is trained to hold space for differing opinions and perceptions. By risking Authenticity, vulnerability and truth are allowed which then fosters Connection—true engagement. By bringing these powers into focus, leaders can cultivate dynamic and welcoming cultures that maximize their teams’ potential.


  • Assess the current performance level of your team or organization
  • Explore how high-performance is usually measured
  • Identify the gaps between team performance and leader’s expectations
  • Discover how the 4 Powers of Presence can serve as a conduit to sustained high performance
  • Uncover the connection between normalization and toleration, as it relates to:
    • Deliverables
    • Agreements
    • Communication
    • Accountability


April 15, 2021


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


  • Michael Landers
    Michael Landers
    Author | Speaker | Founder

    Michael Landers, MA, is the founder and president of Culture Crossing Inc., a global consulting company dedicated to finding innovative solutions for leaders and teams working in multicultural contexts. His workshops, seminars, and speaking events have drawn more than seventy-five thousand people on five continents. He is also the author of the bestselling book Culture Crossing, the essential primer to working, living, and thriving in today’s increasingly multicultural marketplace and communities.

  • Timothy Dukes
    Timothy Dukes
    Author | Consultant

    Dr. Timothy Dukes is a veteran psychotherapist, leadership advisor and father. His expertise, in creating and holding a transformational process, instills Presence in Leadership for the individual, partnership, family, team and organization. Tim consults in a variety of institutional settings, working with established business leaders, political visionaries, and emerging innovators. His unique program for individual and organizational development—distilled from thirty years of clinical work, academic research and contemplative practice—resolves contradiction and opposition through a clarity-based evolutionary practice. His books: The Present Parent Handbook, speaks to his work with families, Present Company speaks to high performance in teams and organizations.

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