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Keynote Speaker Virtual Event: The Future of Service – Chris Tripoli

The customer experience is defined by the type of service you offer. Teaching staff and managers purpose rather than the process will create a positive culture that will keep your customers happy, satisfied and coming back for more. What Chris has learned in the restaurant industry easily translates into every business and organization.

In this keynote you’ll learn how to:

  • Interview and select a winning staff
  • Run meetings that inspire
  • Encourage listening and open communication
  • Properly assess your business
  • Ensure smooth operation by training managers to be leaders


January 14, 2021


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


  • Chris Tripoli
    Chris Tripoli
    Hospitality Specialist | Speaker | Author | Educator

    Chris Tripoli has 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry as an owner, operator, designer and developer. He has developed award-winning restaurants and contributed invaluable guidance to many airport, park, theater and retail center developers. Chris’ current company, Ala Carte Food Services Consulting Group, specializes in helping restaurant companies operate and grow more effectively. His clients expand beyond restaurants into hotels, convention centers, country clubs, casinos, stadiums, parks and airports.
    With expertise in concept development, company operations and finance planning, Chris has been a guest speaker for a variety of hospitality meetings and regularly participates in industry workshops. He shares his valuable insights and knowledge internationally by providing seminars on restaurant operations and growth strategies.
    Chris’ best-selling book, So You Want to Open a Restaurant, is currently available on He created a curriculum of the same title and teaches his course at the University of Houston Small Business Development Center. Chris writes regularly for Restaurant Startup & Growth and has been featured in various other trade publications.
    A graduate of the Food Service Management Program at Phoenix College, Chris furthered his career options by studying marketing at the University of Arizona. Chris has been a member of the Greater Houston Restaurant Association for 23 years and remains active in the Food service Consultant Society International, National Restaurant Association, Texas Restaurant Association, the TRA Education Foundation and is on the advisory board of The University of Houston Small Business Development Center.

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