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Keynote Speaker Virtual Event: The Leadership Map – Laurie Dove, Dove Media Group

Developing human capital is crucial to organizations that intend to grow and thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace. The majority of companies agree it’s important to develop leaders at all levels. This is a key reason they spend more money on leadership development than any other area of training. Yet…a shocking 71 percent do not feel their employees are able to lead their organization into the future. But what if you could tap into the unlocked potential of the 70 percent of your employees who are not “actively engaged” at work? And what if your company could deploy leaders at every level with the skills and competencies to turn the abstract idea of “leadership” into clear and purposeful action? Leadership isn’t complicated; it’s just difficult to do. Laurie will show you how to map the way to successful leadership.


  • Learn how to distinguish technical and adaptive work
  • Understand challenges to the process
  • Explore tough interpretations
  • Take the temperature
  • Test multiple interpretations and points of view


March 11, 2021


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


  • Laurie Dove
    Laurie Dove
    Speaker | Author | Journalist | President

    Laurie L. Dove is president of Dove Media Group, which offers strategic consulting to select clients in the senior living and hospitality industries by creating forward-thinking strategic solutions. Dove is a published author, an award-winning journalist and a former elected official who has become a sought-after speaker for her person-first approach to leadership through engagement.

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