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Keynote Speaker Virtual Event: Transforming Guest/Resident Experience With A Custom Revenue Engine – David Rose, C-Level Global

David Rose will invigorate your vision and business model to create a Wow Guest/Resident Experience and increase revenues. Through the Renaissance Methodology developed across multiple industries in different countries, David will help you connect stronger with staff to co-create next-generation customer service touchpoints culminating into a Wow Guest/Resident Experience.


  • Develop an inspired and stronger leadership growth mindset
  • Ingrain growth mindsets within your people and processes
  • Build an evolving business model to transform sales growth
  • Connect emotionally through staff and guests/residents experiences
  • Shift your brand and profits through true innovation
  • Learn how Renaissance Methodology helps leaders create and implement.

4 Leadership Questions:

Taking a reality check on the experience provided under your leadership reveals what?

How does your staff feel about morale?

What kind of a B2B and B2C revenue engine powers your EBITDA?

What makes your target audience’s experience awing and vivaciously talked about?


March 4, 2021


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


  • David Rose
    David Rose
    CEO | Author | Speaker

    David Rose works with people around the world to help them achieve greater results in business and their personal lives. He is driven to solve issues that create barriers of people/companies when it comes to selling and generating substantial revenue streams.

    David is focused on solving the dynamic people, process and technology issues that prevent companies from growing and surviving. This is accomplished by helping coordinate the sequence of events that create brand name recognition and thought leadership. Most of the time, companies are too busy and facing too much chaos to coordinate the available resources. Connecting the dots and creating a better life for those who work in the high turnover, high demand world of revenue growth is David’s passion. This is why he writes about, publicly speaks about and deploys with clients three extremely effective strategies/tactics to grow revenue and profits. The Renaissance Business Model, The Theory of Accelerance and Modes to Market are breakthroughs for leaders charged with sustaining and increasing revenue.

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