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View From The Top: Industry Leaders Speak Out- Myron Kowal, RCare

Myron Kowal, CEO of Rcare, sits down with Olivia Beaton, Editor of Senior Living News to share how their innovative technology is more than just your average nurse call system. We discuss the benefits of reliability, connectivity, and urgency, as it applies to the senior living industry.


August 18, 2020


2:00 PM - 2:10 PM
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  • Myron Kowal
    Myron Kowal

    Myron Kowal is the picture of leadership and innovation. When he sees an unmet need, both personally and professionally, he takes a leadership role to advocate and ensure the gaps are filled.

    “I spent my early career involved in the senior care and nursing
    technology space. In the 1980s, I identified a problem within the
    industry. Most of the resellers into the senior and nursing care space
    were focused on technologies such as alarms and monitoring
    technologies, but many had little to no understanding of the senior
    housing industry that they were selling into. That’s why I founded
    SpecialCare Systems and then RCare, and developed wireless nurse
    call and monitoring technology designed specifically for the senior
    housing space. I’m a pioneer in the industry, because I’m always
    looking for ways to make life better for seniors and the people who care for them. That’s our focus, our mission, and it makes a difference. RCare leads the industry with the latest and greatest in nurse call innovative technologies and smart phone applications. I’m active in the professional organizations that are educating this industry, and bringing them around to this understanding. And I’m active in my local community as well. We’ve installed RCare in 90% of Rochester Area Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities. I mentor engineering interns from the Rochester Institute of Technology. I really get them involved in the development of our products. I co-founded the Ukrainian Arts Foundation, and continue to be active, teaching dance and volunteering with my church and with Habitat for Humanity.”

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