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View From The Top: Industry Leaders Speak Out – Severine Petras, Priority Life Care

Severine Petras, CEO and Co-Founder of Priority Life Care, sits down with Olivia Beaton, Editor of Senior Living News and discusses cybersecurity in the Senior Living Industry. Petras will give tips on how to protect your company and employees from potential threats.


August 11, 2020


2:00 PM - 2:20 PM
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  • Severine Petras
    Severine Petras
    CEO & Co-Founder

    Before entering operations in Senior Housing, Sevy ‘s investment banking career spans a decade of lending and structuring debt solutions for senior housing and health care. She began her career in Public Finance at Natcity Investments in Cleveland Ohio and later relocated to Chicago as an SVP for 53rd Securities. She joined Merrill Lynch Capital to focus solely on balance sheet lending in Senior Housing. After the collapse of the economy in 2009, she and her family changed their career directions as they saw a larger need in the affordable and publicly-funded sector, as the growing demands in senior housing lacked private pay funds. They set out to build a platform that focused on providing an alternative long-term care solution to those on Medicaid programs throughout the US. She translated her banking experience to focus on identifying viable properties, producing lenders and investors pro-forms and budgets that proved out turn around plans as well as assisting in securing and structuring debt for the properties in geographic areas that support alternatives to private pay assisted living.

    Priority Life Care’s currently owns and third party manages Assisted Living and Memory Care communities. Their focus and expertise have been on buildings that require significant turnaround that includes licensing, rehab, additions of specialty care units and census growth. As a family-owned and operated business, she, her family and management team have worked to create a family-centric model that permeates to the building level.

    Sevy, as CEO, is also charged with leading the company in pursuit of its purpose to Support Independence. She strives to empower and inspire her Management team as well as Community level employees to be mindful of the importance of their roles serving their residents in their homes daily.

    BA and Master of Public Administrations, MPA Public Finance, University of Akron


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