How to Share a Status

How to Share a Status
July 17, 2020

When on the homepage, sign in using your login credentials or select Register on the left-hand side.

SCF Login

Once you are logged in, in the center of the page below the top story and upcoming events image, you will see a text box:

SCF Share a status

Click inside the box and post the text you would like to share. You will see various icons on the bottom of the box, each with a different meaning:

PencilAdd text to your post.

PhotoAdd a picture to your post.

MusicAdd music to your post.

VideoAdd Video to your post.

Post PrivacyChange your post privacy to be: public, friends only, site members, or only you.

Post toPost your status to the main homepage or to a specific group you are a member of.

Schedule Share your status immediately or schedule a time for your post to be published.

MoodSay how you’re feeling by selecting a mood: happy, joyful, speechless, etc.


Once you’re done and your post is ready to go, select “Post”:

SCF Select Post

Scroll down past Senior Happenings and see your post live in the stream:

SCF Finished Product

Happy Posting!

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